Turn Key Solutions

Della Systems Inc. is a full service, Electronic Contract Manufacturing company offering the following services:

Turnkey Solutions

Think of us as an outsourced extension of your engineering and manufacturing departments, Della does it all - taking end to end responsibility - from PC board design to prototypes, parts procurement, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping from our state-of-the-art facility.


DSI remains highly flexible in meeting client's needs. Services range from partial assembly, to labor only, to complete turnkey packages. Della Systems enhances this flexibility with long term investments, such as:

  • state-of-the-art facility with expansion capability
  • state-of-the-art equipment
  • employee training and continuing education programs
  • strict quality assurance procedures

Built to Print

Della is highly flexible. If you have existing prints or supply us with components, we can take over from there, offering you ISO certified compliant quality, timely delivery, and unbeatable pricing.

PCB Design, Layout, and Documentation

Della has extensive experience in PC board design involving the following technologies:

  • Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Through-Hole
  • Mixed Technologies
  • Single, Double, Multi Layer
  • Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex

CAD Drawings - Della offers complete design services utilizing PADS-PCB and PowerPCB.

PCB Design - We interface with your design engineering team, reviewing or developing schematics, netlists, parts lists, board outlines, part data sheets, layer structure, etc.

Placement Prints - Della can create placement prints that help you identify the parts you use, their placement, as well as provide an optimally functioning circuit.

Final Prints - Allow you to perform a final check that the circuits are properly routed.

Gerber and Drill Files - Della can produce Gerber and NC drill files, as well as hard copies of FAB and assembly drawings and final photo-plot films.

Prototype Development

Della utilizes its experience and know-how to work to deliver prototypes and small production test runs in the fastest, most economical manner possible.

Parts Procurement

We source only top quality components, including single, double and multi-layer boards, semiconductors, active and passive components, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Our processes are 100% ISO certified compliant, ensuring 100% parts traceability.

Surface Mount Assembly

High volume, high density, fine pitch boards and small geometry ICs demand an increasing utilization of surface mounting techniques. Della Systems has the latest surface mounting equipment, including:

Screen Printers - used to control solder paste volume and surface geometry, allowing ultra fine pitch screen printing. The system uses a unique rack-driven cam to create true vertical lift, resulting in finer registration and sharp, fine pitch solder deposits. The system also incorporates Permalex metal edge squeegees that provide scavenge-free and pump-free solder deposits, which greatly reduce topology variability in parallel and perpendicular solder pads, resulting in significantly increased throughput.

Pick and Place systems - Della uses the MyData Speedmount pick and place system, capable of over 2x the speed of traditional placement systems. This unit offers unsurpassed accuracy and optimized assembly sequencing. Special features include the smart feeder system that eliminates downtime, vision centering with in a repeatability of +/- .002 inches, and electronic testing to verify placement of the component using virtually any type of feed mechanism.

Forced convection reflow oven - A computer automated system that combines forced convection and an inert atmosphere to achieve greater throughput and temperature uniformity. This system is capable of handling multi layer boards, heavy connectors intermixed with small chips, as well as mixed technology applications.

Through Hole Assemblies

Della Systems continues to support board assemblies that require plated through hole (PTH) components. Equipment used for PTH applications includes:

Component sequencers - that cut and dispense axial lead components from a lead tape format, organizing these components into pre-programmed order. Components are then fed into a conveyor chain assembly, ensuring an extremely high degree of reliability.

optical inspection station - checks the position of each component automatically, on-line.

Axial lead inserting - High speed, variable center distance (VCD) insertion machines are used to insert taped, sequenced components into pre drilled PC boards, which are the cut and clinched. The VCD sets X - Y positions for sequenced components as well as programmable depth stop positions. Component placement accuracy checks are performed on-line. A continuity error system detects damaged or missing components.

DIP sequence inserting (DIP) system - automatically sequences and inserts a variety of DIP sockets and configured ICs into pre drilled PC boards. Dual insertion tooling enables the machine to insert DIP modules having two different spans in one pass. This system also manages a variety of functions automatically, including on-line inspections.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Della does more than assemble components, we also solve problems with complete electro-mechanical assemblies, wiring harnesses, connectors, metal fabrication, etc.

Testing Services

Della Systems offers a wide variety of testing capabilities to meet client requirements. Testing can be provided using customer provided testing fixtures or a test fixture designed by Della Systems. Della Systems offers both "on the fly" and off-line testing.

Systems Integration

Della Offers complete integration of services. Our experienced technical staff can manage all aspects from procurement, to staging, warehousing, distribution and shipping. All processes, procedures and inventory control is tracked by network computers, giving us 100% traceability.

JIT Solutions

Fully assembled and tested boards can be delivered where you need them. Anticipating the needs of our clients, we offer customized services such as vendor stocking and consigned inventory as well as partial or full final assembly.

Della Systems is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

From Design to Productions, Della delivers turnkey solutions for every project.

Discover the Benefits of working with a local, dependable company rather than one overseas.

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